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Grand Tourisme Part II

Porsche was extremely successful with their non turbo GT cars. The competition with Ford, BMW and other manufacturers forced Porsche to develop a new „super weapon“. The first turbo powered 934s were delivered to customers in 1976, while the 935 was reserved for the factory. With one exception, the Kremer 935 K1, which was Kremer´s own development for the 1976 season. Follow us as we dip into a time when engineers created increasingly powerful race cars which demanded everything from the drivers and teams. It was a time in which engines looked like engines, and sounded and smelled like engines, too. Supported by many private teams like Loos, Kremer, Kannacher and many more, unbelieveable triumphs have been achieved. Connected to our first volume, this book contains unique shots of drivers, teams and the cars from one of the wildest times in motorsport history.
Limited to 911 examples ( each numbered separately )

Grand Tourisme - Porsche Racing History in Photographs Part II 1970 - 1975
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The price for this book is 125,- Euro .

The following pictures are an extract of Part II